Frozen Yogurt Beach Bark

June 7, 2020

Have you seen the frozen yogurt bark recipes floating around Pinterest? It typically is loaded with fruit (which is so delicious and I highly recommend adding). I made this last week and it was a huge hit, it’s super addictive and rather healthy depending on what kind of yogurt you use!! It would be great for a mermaid or beach themed birthday party, too!

Silicone beach shell mold
Vanilla yogurt (use whatever kind you’d like, sweetened or plain, Greek or regular)
Strawberry yogurt (or any flavor you’d like)
Crushed graham crackers
Fruit (we used strawberries, not seen in these photos!!)

1. A few hours (or up to a day before) you want to make your bark freeze the strawberry yogurt in shell molds. The molds used are small and froze rather quickly (about 2 hours).

2. Layer a piece of wax or parchment paper on a cookie sheet and spread a thick, even layer of the plain yogurt. If your kids are used to sweetened yogurt, use it!

3. Layer on the frozen sea shells, sliced fruit and crushed graham crackers.

4. Freeze until solid (2-4 hours).

5. Break up and enjoy!!



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