Space Themed Books For Children



Here are all the space themed books I’ve compiled to go along with our space week at CAMP MAMA NOTES! You can check out the space activities right here!

Usborne Titles

(I’m a sales consultant with Usborne Books & More and earn commission when you purchase from my shop & links below)

Dogs In Space: Piper is getting this for her birthday!!

What’s It Like In Space: This is a great flap book full of facts presented in a fun way!

Shine A Light: On The Space Station: You know my love for shine a light books! You put a flashlight behind each page to reveal secret images!

Peek Inside Space

My Very First Space Book

Space Activities Wipe Clean Book: The wipe clean books are amazing for travel and keeping young ones busy!

Amazon Books

And here’s a link to the Amazon shop with a bunch of other space finds on Amazon!

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Space Themed Books For Children


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