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Moving on from beach week to SPACE WEEK! Piper is newly obsessed with all things Space so I’m really excited to do all of these activities with her and Flora over the next week or so! You can check out all of the beach week activities here!

Most supplies are linked in the Amazon shop here. We are also going to paint this Wooden Rocket Bird House!

Paper Roll Rockets

Recycled Paper Roll
Colored paper (thicker paper like cardstock works best for the top of the rocket)
Sequins, glitter paper, pipe cleaners (the options are endless for decorating)
Hot Glue
Streamers and or ribbon


These are pretty straightforward! Paint your paper rolls, create a cone for the top by cutting out a circle and making a slit and secure with hot glue or strong tape and then decorate! We taped streamers and ribbons to the bottom and had fun with our sparkle paper.

Sparkling Lunar Rocks

Make your own moon rocks!! So easy, I won’t even call this a craft. We gathered rocks in our yard and painted them various shades of gray and black. After they dried we covered them in Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter on. After that dried we added another coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter. Not sure what we will do with these after SPACE WEEK, but they were fun!

Salt Dough Solar System

I had a lot of fun with this one!!! I’m going to make it again with Piper so she can create it herself but wanted to get this done to share, Piper has been playing with the planets as ‘characters’ and it’s too cute. I am also adding them to a sensory bin to foster the idea of using them for independent play.

2 cups of flour
1/2 cup salt
3/4 cup water
Mod Podge
Pipe Cleaner

1. Mix together ingredients for the salt dough and knead together a few times.
2. Create the shapes of your planets (I looked at this as a guide for sizes)
3. Bake at 275 for 1-2 hours, watching closely until hard. The bake time largely depends on the size and thickness of your planets.
4. After the planets are dry and cool, paint them and then coat with Mod Podge to seal (if desired). I added faces but you can skip this part! I hot glued a pipe cleaner for Saturn’s ring.

Wax Relief Shooting Stars

White paper
Wax Crayons
Black watercolor or acrylic paint

Draw shooting stars with crayons on paper. Make sure to really press hard with the wax and fill in the star shapes. You can draw an outline for your kids to fill in. Dilute black water color or acrylic paint and lightly paint a coat over the entire paper to see the wax relief appear! You can decorate with glitter or sequins after!

Shooting Star Bookmarks (or wands)

You can use these cuties as bookmarks like we are or little wands!

Popsicle sticks
Glitter cardstock
Glue (hot glue is easiest but craft glue would work, too)

Draw & cut out a star shape and hot glue to the top of popsicle stick. Cut small strips of felt for the tail of the star and attach with glue. Decorate with sequins or glitter if desired!

Moon Rock Hunt

Plastic Eggs
Treats or snacks to put inside the eggs
Tin Foil

Directions :
Set your kids on a scavenger moon rock hunt! You can make clues for them about where to find the rocks or you can just hide them for younger kids. plan on doing this for an afternoon snack and filling the eggs with food.

Space Sensory Bin

Dried black beans
Planets, stars, plastic space toys, pom poms, balls of tin-foil

Space Themed Snacks

Fruit Skewers: All you need to make these skewers is fresh fruit and a star cookie cutter. I took it a step beyond and dipped apple shaped stars in melted white chocolate and added space themed sprinkles.

Galaxy Milkshakes: These are on my list to make! I’m going to make them dairy-free with Oatmilk ice cream and milk. 

Edible Constellations: Marshmallows & pretzels and a lesson in star gazing! 

Galaxy Cake Pops: If you really want to flex your baking skills, try these galaxy cake pops!

Space Themed Screen Time Ideas & Resources Online

NASA Kids Club offers a treasure trove of options for space loving kids! And NASA’s Space Place is also fun! 

Take a tour of the SpaceX Dragon on NASA’s YouTube! 

Ready Jet Go is a space exploration app from PBS Kids. 

Star Walk Kids – an interactive space game. 

This tour of our galaxy is an amazing way to put our solar system in prospective for little kids!

National Geographic Kids has a great space page, too! 

StoryBots Outer Space episode 

Astronaut Song (sorry in advance)! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a favorite of my girls – check out this Space Monkey adventure! 

For Space Themed Books – visit this post!

Camp Mama Notes



Camp Mama Notes Space Themed Activities For Kids



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