Gifts That Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion



There is no better time to evaluate your toy collection than before the holiday gifting season. This year I encourage you to take a closer look at the toys in your baskets and shelves – how diverse are they? Do your dolls, puzzles and books truly represent the diverse world we live in? Here are just a few of my favorite gifting options that represent diversity and inclusion. You can also check out this post full of racially diverse dolls!

  1. Basket of Babies, Soft Baby Doll Set
  2. Crayola Multicultural Crayons
  3. Aggie Doll
  4. Pirate Paper Doll & African American Girl Paper Doll
  5. Sunny Doll Family
  6. Wildflower Peg Dolls
  7. Kids Sports Playing Cards Games
  8. Children of the World Floor Puzzle
  9. I Need You to Know: The ABC’s of Black Girl Magic book
  10. We Are Water Protectors
  11. Your Name Is A Song
  12. Diverse Wall Stickers
  13. Melanin Magic Ribbon Wands
  14. Paris Puzzle

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Gifts That Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion



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