Racially Diverse Baby Dolls



What does your doll collection look like? Does it accurately portray the world we live in or do all the dolls look like your kids? While it’s important that your children have dolls that do look like them, you can also use dolls (other toys and books) to introduce race and discuss the topic with your kids at a young age. For more on talking to kids about race and racism check out this list of resources. As a white woman sharing this post, I don’t want to come across as implying in any way going out and buying a black doll for your kid will help to solve the systemic racism our country has faced for hundreds of years, but I do think it’s a tiny, small change that can make a difference in introducing the topic in your home if you haven’t already.

Here are some black owned shops to consider purchasing dolls from:
Le Petit Organic (Ada doll is currently sold out)
*If you know of any black owned shops that carry these doll brands that I can link to please leave a comment or send me a message!!!

*Update: Any affiliate income made from this post will be donated to the Loveland Foundation at the end of June.

  1. Manhattan Toys Harper Doll
  2. Manhattan Toys Stella Doll: I know the Stella doll is a popular ‘big sister’ or ‘big brother’ gift, as it comes with a magnetic pacifier.
  3. (There’s also a boy Stella doll)
  4. Corolle Maria Doll
  5. Meri Meri Lila Doll
  6. Kaloo Manon Doll
  7. Meri Meri Rainbow Doll
  8. Basket Of Babies: Flora got this from Santa last Christmas !
  9. Gotz Muffin Doll
  10. Mon Ami Bailee Doll
  11. Hearts Of Yarn Plush Doll
  12. Melissa & Doug Gabrielle Doll
  13. Hazel Village Ada Doll: One of Piper’s favorites, we love the quality of Hazel Village!
  14. Mon Ami Cookie Doll
  15. Dinkum Dolls: I recently discovered this brand, but it’s apparently very popular and usually sold out everywhere in the US. They come in many races and are machine washable – Maisonette has a few available right now!
  16. Hazel Village William Doll
  17. Alimrose Fairy Doll
  18. Alimrose also makes the very popular ‘awake asleep’ doll in a brown skin tone that seems to be sold out everywhere right now (it was a best-seller from my holiday gift guide last year).

This is the beloved Corolle doll of Piper’s that is sold out right now.

Other dolls to add:

Wildflower Liberty League has the most beautiful handmade dolls, most of which are sold out right now but check back!

Opal + Fig also has amazing dolls, and appears to be re-stocking at the end of June.

Harperiman also has gorgeous handmade dolls that I shared earlier this week, sold out until August!

Mecharis Dolls aren’t for sale right now but they are coming soon and beautiful!




Racially Diverse Baby Dolls



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