Holiday Calm Down Bottles

December 17, 2018

We’ve had ‘calm down bottles’ in Piper’s bedroom for about a year. I made them with water bottles and added food coloring, oil & sparkles and she goes and shakes them when she needs some quiet alone time. They have worked pretty well at calming her down but I needed to replace them a while ago so I threw them out. The other day we made these mini snow globes using small Mason Jars and they are the perfect holiday calm down bottle for your little ones! 

All you need is: 
-Small jars with lids that secure (you can use plastic or glass)
-Mini bottle brush trees (I love these from Amazon)
-Heavy duty glue (We used Gorilla Glue) 

I glued the mini trees in the lids and let them dry overnight. Then have your little one add a good amount of glitter, the more the better! Fill the jar almost all the way with water. Add a line of glue around the lid and secure. Let it dry overnight and then shake away!  




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