Holiday Gift Guide 2-4 Year Olds



My favorite age group to shop for is 2-4 – there are so many FUN GIFT IDEAS HERE!!

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  1. Snow Globe Inflatable Winter Fort: Ok this may be the coolest gift idea I’ve stumbled upon during my searching so far!!
  2. Toddler Balance Bike: An amazing Banwood bike knock-off for a fraction of the price and it comes in 5 colors!
  3. Land Of Dough: The most beautiful, non-toxic play dough, made from all natural ingredients! We love Land of Dough and a set of their pretty play doughs would make a great gift – the new glitter rolls are also a ton of fun!
  4. Wooden Bowling Set: For all the winter fun, indoors!
  5. Wooden Make Up Set: The girls got a similar set last year (though this one is much prettier) and we leave it in the bathroom. Flora loves to play with it while I get ready in the morning!
  6. Olli Ella Suitcase: While not practical for long-distance travel my girls loooove to pack up their little suitcase for pretend journeys or overnight trips to their grandparents. I also brought it on our summer vacation and used it to hold books, toys & activities for the girls.
  7. Walkie Talkies: Endless fun inside or outside for older toddlers in this age group (but younger siblings will have fun trying to use them, too)!
  8. Stomp Rocket: If you follow us on Instagram you know Piper is obsessed with her stomp rocket – it’s become my go-to birthday gift, too. So much fun for all ages!
  9. Kinetic Sand: My girls love to play with our kinetic sand but we only have one bag which isn’t near enough. This set comes with 10 – which feels like such a huge upgrade they wouldn’t even know what to do!!
  10. Tool Bench: These have been on my radar for a few years as I think Piper would really like one – the plastic ones look so busy and cheap, this wood one is pretty (as is this one from Crate & Kids but more expensive).
  11. Doctor Kit: I spent forever looking at doctor’s kits – we don’t have one yet and there are so many beautiful wood ones now available. Of course my Francophile heart loves this Moulin Roty kit! (this one is cute, too).
  12. National Geographic Stepping Stones: These look like SO MUCH FUN! Create fun obstacle courses inside while letting your kids practice their balance skills!
  13. Cardboard Dinosaur: We had a lot of fun coloring our cardboard rocket ship this summer, this giant dino is next on my list!
  14. Nugget: When I polled TMN community so many mamas either suggested a Nugget for this age group or said they were getting one for their kids this season. Limitless imaginative play with these fun cushions!
  15. Balance Board: Have your kids tried one? We haven’t but they look like a great challenge for toddlers!
  16. Rainbow Blocks: Beautiful blocks for building.
  17. Petit Collage Floor Puzzle: We love everything Petit Collage does, but they do puzzles really well and are so fun for toddlers to work together on!
  18. Bath Crayons: Who wants toxic crayons in their kids bath water??? Not me!! These are made from bees wax and are non-toxic.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2-4 Year Olds



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