How To Make An Affordable, Beautiful Cheeseboard



Tis’ the season for holiday hosting!!! My favorite time of year, and we are working our tails off so hopefully I can actually host in my new kitchen this year! And after years of trying, I’ve finally nailed how to not spend a fortune on cheeses yet still have a really impressive spread. Most of the time I end up with half a cheese board left over – so I’ve definietly learned you don’t need a TON of cheese (depending on the size of your crowd) to still make an impressive spread!

Here are my main tips:

  • Buy your cheese and meats at Trader Joe’s or ALDI. You will find the best pricing and interesting flavors.
  • You really only need 3 different types of cheese and 2 different types of meats.
  • FILLING THE ENTIRE BOARD is the #1 key to making an impressive presentation that will WOW your guests. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on cheeseboards when I do this!!!
  • Pick your cheeses. I suggest a mild blue, a brie and then a cheddar. I also find Fontina and the Toscano (from Trader Joe’s) area always eaten and popular with guests.
  • Fill the empty space with fruit – figs & grapes are great options and crackers! I love the flavored crisps from Trader Joe’s they are the perfect size and the interesting and seasonal flavor combos are always ahit.
  • Garnish!!! I love to add fresh herbs (rosemary or sage this time of year) and dried cherries. You can also add nuts.




How To Make An Affordable, Beautiful Cheeseboard


  1. Abbey says:

    This is beautiful! Mastering the art of the cheeseboard is totally something I aspire to do! What kind of meat do you typically choose?

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