How To Keep Your Kids Busy Inside This Winter



After nearly a year of being stuck at home The Mama Notes community has some great ideas on how to keep your kids busy indoors this winter! Here are some of my personal go-to’s that work for my girls aged 5 and 3! And of course, Magic Playbook is FULL of easy, printable activities to do with your kiddos!!

Fort Building- My girls use this kit we got them for Christmas. Couch pillows are another fun option for fort making and/or jumping.

Air Fort– This is a big hit! Ours is kept at my parents house for now!

Giant Coloring Sheets- Someone suggested getting them printed on blueprints at Staples, Office Depot etc. Amazon has some, too!

Some screen time options we love:

Art for Kids Hub on YouTube

The Ballet Brigade classes on YouTube

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Sensory bin with water & ice cubes. Many moms suggested putting a water sensory bin in the bathtub for winter fun. Bathing suits & sunglasses required!

Rock painting and set them out on your driveway or street.

Indoor Campout- Fire place, smores, tent & a family movie.

Indoor Soccer– This soccer ball set looks like fun! It comes with a hover ball, so you don’t have to worry about a rogue ball breaking anything. There are other games you could use the goals for too.

Movie projector on the ceiling in your kids bedroom!

Painting on huge paper rolls.

Make cards to send to family & friends.

Small bounce house for inside.

Bowling in the hallway.

Bubble Party- Put a bubble machine in front of a rotating fan!

Midday disco bath with Glo Pals or glow sticks.

Dance parties/freeze dance

Puppet show – these bug puppets are also pretty!

Water beads

Nugget provides HOURS of creative fun and independent play – and exercises those gross motor skills.

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt- My girls LOVE this, especially when it ends with a snack.

Pretend Cooking Show- Piper is ALL about this! She wants a YouTube channel and we’re trying to convince my husband to let us make one!

Popsicle Bath- My girls LOVED this last year!

Online Paint Classes- Dollar Tree has $1 canvases! We love Ooly paints.

Family fitness classes on the Peloton app (need to try this one)!

Put together treats for friends and drop them off on their porch.

Shaving cream in the bath

Obstacle course

Cook/bake together

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How To Keep Your Kids Busy Inside This Winter



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