How To Meal Prep Plan for the Week Ahead #1





Image from Pinch Of Yum

Today we are excited to start a new series where Dionna, who runs our social media will be sharing how she meal preps for the week ahead. Dionna is a culinary school graduate and private chef, she also does food styling and has great resources! Bookmark this for those busy fall weeks coming up!


As a private chef for a family of five, I’m always on the hunt for great recipes that will store easily AND will taste good when reheated. So today, I’m sharing with you some meals, snacks, and dessert that I’m meal prepping for my client for the week ahead.

Image from Epicurious


Coconut date breakfast bars – This is the recipe I use from Bon Appetit. My client LOVES these. They’re super tasty and easy to grab and eat on the go for breakfast.

Hard boiled eggs – I usually hard boil a dozen eggs for a family of five for the week ahead. This is the method I use every time and they always turn out perfect. I aim for letting them boil for nine minutes. Also, pro tip: the older the eggs the easier to peel. So if you JUST bought eggs from the grocery store, give them a few days in the fridge before hard boiling them. We have chickens, so whenever I try to hard boil eggs that were laid that day, or even a few days later, they’re IMPOSSIBLE to peel.

Cut up strawberries and pineapple – Each week I’ll alternate different fruits to cut up and have ready for easy snacking in the fridge. I love these pyrex containers for storing prepped food.

Image from Pinch Of Yum


Tandoori chicken with roasted carrots and coconut rice – recipes linked here, here, and here.

Build your own grain bowls – I’m obsessed with a restaurant in Del Mar, CA called Flower Child, and they serve this grain bowl and it’s my absolute favorite. Recipe here.

Detox lentil soup – this is an old time favorite of mine from blogger Pinch of Yum. It’s soooo good, and my toddler loves it! Recipe here.

Image from The Minimalist Baker


Healthy peanut butter fudge bars – The Minimalist Baker is always my go to for good, vegan, healthy-ish recipes, and this one does not disappoint!




How To Meal Prep Plan for the Week Ahead #1



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