How To Survive The Holiday Shopping Season With Kids



Shopping in general with children is….an experience. It makes you TRULY appreciate those solo Target runs, but it doesn’t have to be awful. While the holiday season definietly provides additional challenges (toys! candy canes! santa!) The Mama Notes community came up with some great tips to make shopping with kids a little easier :) 

Tips For Holiday Shopping With Kids

Wear your baby facing outwards in a carrier so they can see at your level and feel close/protected by you in crowds/noisy shops.

Baby in carrier, toddler in stroller. And food, lots of food. Little snacks to keep them occupied.

Make sure everyone is napped and fed before you leave!

With a baby, I highly recommend baby wearing. Frees up room in the cart and keeps infant under wraps and further away from germs, etc.

Be quick! Make sure to engage and make it a learning opportunity, asking what they see, what colors certain things are.

Talk to them about what you’re shopping for and have them “help.” My son likes to hold a lime at the grocery ;P

If they’re old enough to sit, put them in the cart with something fun that you grabbed off the shelves. At the end I usually just tell the cashier we aren’t buying it and they’ll reshelve it for you!

I have twins and if I bring snacks, I can pretty much take them anywhere. Also, be organized and prepared!

Make a list, research as much as you can to make sure you’re not wandering around comparing prices in the moment, and do big trips. It’s better to have one fussy day of errands than several days full of tiny tantrums because you didn’t get all your shopping done on Sunday.

Lower your expectations- don’t plan on getting everything done.




How To Survive The Holiday Shopping Season With Kids



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