I’m Not A Stay At Home Mom



That title sounds a little glaring, but after a lot of thinking over the past week in response to some messages I’ve been receiving on Instagram I wanted a chance to explain more about my career path and what I share online. It came to my attention/realization that a lot of moms were leaving my page feeling guilty, bad for not doing enough with their own kids and that made me feel awful. Maybe I should have realized this sooner? But I posted a few things that elicited a response from many women, who shared with me how they feel.

Since creating The Mama Notes, my goal has always been to INSPIRE & HELP moms and never want to make anyone feel bad about their mothering.

I want to preface this entire post by saying I have complete and utter respect for stay at home moms. I think they are incredible for what they do and a lot of the time I don’t think they get enough credit! I know how this job can be both so exhausting so fulfilling at the same time.

I also have complete and utter respect for full-time working moms who have successful careers outside the home in addition to being a mom. I have many friends who fall into this category and I’m in complete awe of how they balance both demands.

I personally fall into the working mom category – since becoming pregnant with my first child, Piper, over 4 years ago I’ve never stopped working. I love what I do and could never be a full-time stay at home mom, I’m just not cut out for it. I need to be fulfilled by my career and have big goals and dreams for where I want to take it. But the line is blurred- because I work from home and work for myself, I get many of the perks of a stay at home mom, spending a lot of time with my kids and having a flexible schedule. But it really has not been easy!

I think a lot of new followers are under the assumption that my Instagram and blog is a hobby, where I share the activities I do with my kids. Not true. I’ve been blogging over a decade! This is my 11th year and I’ve had a variety of other jobs along the ride. I’ve worked so hard, especially in the last 5 years to be at a point where I could rely on this site and my social media platforms to account for the majority of my income. I knew I wanted to carve out a career for myself during this phase of life that allowed me to spend time with my kids while also continuing to work. My husband works full-time, too and I’m responsible for half or more, of our monthly bills. Yes, I do this for money! I wrote a whole post about HOW I make money 2 years ago and much of this rings true today, you can read that here.

Yes, I share fun and easy activities to do with your kids – but I’m testing them, creating them, discovering them to share as part of my business. I spend HOURS on this, to find the perfect activities and recipes that work and are fun for my kids that I think your kids would like to! I spend hours styling them, taking photos, editing the photos , writing captions to create images I’m proud of to share with my audience online. Of course this is not REAL LIFE – of course when I serve my kids hot chocolate it does not look like this. It’s all part of my job, to create beautiful, inspiring content to help you in your journey in motherhood.

I would never have the time, energy or mental capacity to try all of these activities and projects with my kids if I was working full-time OR if I was a SAHM. I would never be doing this ALL if it wasn’t part of my job. My kids definitely benefit from it, which is a huge perk. With any job, there are also downsides to what I do – working all the time, not having paid time off, having to put yourself out there, receive negative comments about your parenting choices, not have a stable paycheck – I could go on and on!

I try to share ALL aspects of motherhood, and of course not every part of my life is online and open to the world, but I share the crappy days. When I mess up, or things don’t go how I had planned. I really hope that you see that, too!

Motherhood is TOUGH, the best thing I’ve ever done, and why I started this website. I hope that you never leave feeling less-than and instead find an idea that may bring you joy to share with your child.

Thank you for all your support, feedback and for listening!

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I’m Not A Stay At Home Mom



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