Introducing Solids!



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I can’t believe I’m already penning this blog post – it just seems like yesterday Flora and I were getting into the swing of our nursing routine! Because of her allergies (read all about them HERE) – we’ve been a lot slower with introducing solids. It’s actually been quite a nerve wracking process for me and I have been harboring a ton of guilt about it. Guilty its taking me so long, guilty she’s not eating as much as other babies her age among other things. No matter how hard I try it seems I just can’t stop comparing myself/my baby to others the same age. I know it’s silly but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in it! I find myself giving other moms advice on the topic but not following it myself, easier said than done, I guess!

But back to introducing solids! Our pediatrician and allergist gave us the go-ahead a few months ago. Aside from avocados we were cleared to start with fruits and veggies and then move into grains and then proteins. We have to wait 3 days between introducing new foods to be sure she doesn’t have an allergy. Flora’s been tested for all the common food allergens in babies but obviously not everything! This is what has caused me such anxiety. I introduce the new foods VERY slowly. I give her a bite and let her play with a bowl or toy in her high chair while I wait to monitor for a reaction . Then I’ll give her another bite and wait again before feeding her normally. Signs of a food allergy are most typically a red rash around the mouth and of course Flora frequently has red eczema patches around her mouth so it can be hard to tell the difference! I always try to introduce foods during business hours during the week in case I’d need to call the doctor and always try to do it when Austin’s also home. I do feel better knowing I have an epi pen in the house now but I’m still quite nervous about the whole thing.

To start I steamed veggies or fruit and mixed with a little bit of breast milk before blending smooth. So went (and is still going) a long process of introducing foods! At this time we were also told it was a good idea to introduce a sippy cup and water! Now that we’ve got a good list of safe foods for Flora I can confidently start to give her some pre-made blends because I don’t have time to ALWAYS make her food from scratch. I wish I was that kind of mom but, I’m just not and guess what — I’m OK with that! Plum Organics has made it SO easy to feel less guilty feeding my baby pre-made food. They have these fun new bowls in a ton of culinary inspired flavors made with organic non-GMO ingredients that I can’t wait to give Flora. There are simple blends like mango + quinoa that Flora’s having here — and more interesting flavors like pear, cauliflower, cherry & raisin!

I’m going to keep Flora on purees for a little bit longer and then introduce meats in a few weeks. I’m also going to be giving her PUFFS next week! Can’t wait to see how she likes them – she’s cutting her first tooth so I think she’ll appreciate having something to chew on.

It’s also suggested that you introduce water in a sippy cup around the same time as you introduce solids. I ordered  3 of the top rated transitional sippy cups and will  be sharing a review of them soon!

You can read some more expert tips here on introducing solids!





Introducing Solids!


  1. Kylie says:

    This came at a perfect time. My daughter is 5 months old next week and I think she is showing a lot of signs of being interested in eating. I’m very anxious about it though because her Dad has anaphylactic reactions to shellfish and all tree nuts, so I know she has a greater chance of having allergies. My question is, did you set up an appointment before introducing anything to get her allergy tested?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kylie! We have a unique situation where she’s already been allergy tested so we are aware of her existing food allergies and have an epi pen. She wasn’t tested for EVERYTHING though, just the common allergens which is why I’ve been so nervous. I’d just talk to your pediatrician about your concerns before you introduce anything :)

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