Making A House Our Home: New Homeownership Update




I’m excited to kick off a series to chronicle our renovation process with our first home. We bought the house back in late May and with a busy summer we haven’t had too much time yet to tackle many projects — but we have slowly started!

I thought I’d show a few pictures of how it looked when we moved in. It’s a 1970’s split foyer and our sister is living in the bottom level — complete with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. My giant office is also down there. Our first project (or should I say, my dad’s first project) was putting up a door to give my sister her own entrance and allow me to access my office without disturbing her.

screen-shot-2016-06-08-at-9-45-30-am-e1473683399206Overall the house has great bones – we have hardwood floors & tile upstairs. Carpet in the bedrooms and downstairs which I can’t wait to replace! We’ve started to add trim to the windows – our living room looks so much better with it added! So a few cosmetic things have happened since we moved in but nothing major aside from having a fence put up! We’ve also

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-8-57-38-am-e1473685519835So what’s on the reno list? First we are tackling both of the upstairs bathrooms (hall & master) in two different collaborations I’m doing for work. I can’t wait to share the process, especially since we are doing it ourselves — my dad leading the way. We have totally gutted our hall bathroom and have begun the reno!


Here are the other projects I hope to accomplish in the next year. Our kitchen is the biggest project but we have to save up so it’s going to be several years until we are ready to start that process. We have a TON of exterior work to do but we are also waiting on that for now.


  1. Add a sliding door, deck and stairs off of the kitchen. We don’t have a way to get to the backyard without either walking Sully around the front of the house on a leash or going through my sister’s apartment. Less than ideal. We are having this done in late fall/early winter by a contractor, hopefully before the end of the year. It will be SO nice to have an exit directly into our fenced yar!
  2. Rip out the carpet in my office and replace with pergo laminate flooring. I’m working with Home Depot on this project and think I’m going with this color – I love the gray tones. When do this I’d also like to get rid of the giant fluorescent ceiling light and paint. Eventually I’d like to get a glass door to let in more light.
  3. Paint & add trim upstairs. This should be accomplished soon (I hope) — I just have to decide on paint colors.
  4. Replace carpet in upstairs bedrooms. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll replace with. The rest of the upstairs is hardwood, not my favorite color for long term but it’s in great condition. I’m not sure if we should replace with something temporary (like the pergo laminate I’m doing in my office) until we are ready to redo the entire upstairs or use something that we’d like to have long term and then match the rest later. All I know is I want the carpet out ASAP!
  5. Replace the front door. I hope to do this ASAP – before fall really arrives so I can hang a pretty wreath and not look at that ugly glass thing any longer!
  6. Paint kitchen cabinets. Since it will be so long until a full kitchen reno I think I’m going to paint the cabinets gray or white and add new hardware for the time being.

I will be sharing our living & dining room progress on Glitter Guide very soon – you’ve probably seen a peek on my Instagram!

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Making A House Our Home: New Homeownership Update



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