Our 1-Year Old’s Favorite Books




I take great pleasure in the fact that Piper finally enjoys listening to books and “reading” them herself. I waited a long time for this! Today I’m sharing a few books she tends to reach for over and over again. I try to switch out the books in her basket next to our rocker every few weeks but she still manages to find the same ones. She has a thing for ‘tiny books’ – for some reason I accumulated a few as a kid myself and she loves carrying them around and looking at the pictures. She’s also a sucker for pop-up books of any kind! 

Bonjour, Camille: We just got this book and I didn’t think Piper would be into it yet – but for some reason she is! I think it’s because we use a bad French accent when we read the title. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear: This has been a favorite for months and months- we have a big hard back version and I think she loves how big the animals are. 

Pop-Up Peekaboo: Woof! Woof!: I got Piper this book for our plane ride to California this summer which combines two of her favorite things – pop ups & dogs (otherwise known as “dogens” around here). 

Good Dog Carl: A more recent favorite — Piper loves to hear the stories I make up about Carl (this book has no words). 

Dear Zoo: Another fun, easy to red pop-up with animals. 

First Words: This one has also been a favorite for a long time – I think because of the big, clear photos. 

Snuggle The Baby: Piper loved this book even as a young baby – it has pop-ups and interactive things for baby top play with. She just ripped off the baby’s arms though! img_3605-e1473798846871




Our 1-Year Old’s Favorite Books



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