Mamas Take Note, Everything You Need To Know This Week




Mamas! It’s been a while since we did a Friday round up – but here are our finds from the week! Have a great weekend!

Glitter Guide posted Elsie Larson’s colorful & inspiring home tour!

Can you believe the last major motion picture about Asian Americans was Joy Luck Club in 1993? NOT OK. Read this post by R.O. Kwon on Cup of Jo about Crazy Rich Asians!

It’s the best time of year to use essential oils to support your family! Did you see there’s an awesome back to school promo on Mama Notes Wellness Club essential oils! See this post + You can order your kit here.

Always looking for easy breakfast ideas. Really want to try these raspberry chia parfaits for Piper (maybe use coconut yogurt so I can eat them too). These banana bread overnight oats also sound good!

10 beauty products every model has in her beauty cabinet. Really want to get the P50 lotion!

Families who play together are happier and less stressed, but a third of families are still struggling to fit in 5+ hours of family play a week — TOTALLY resonate with this – read this article on Mother Mag with 10 ways to live a more playful life with your kids.

Natalie Borton released her hoop collection but it already SOLD OUT! They are so cute so I hope she brings back a few pairs!

I’ve loved following Lynzy’s travel capsule wardrobe posts– she’s getting ready to head to Europe for 15 days with her husband and 3 kids. I’m just a little jealous!

I just got these overalls– they fit amazing and are 15% off!

3 amazing baby wearing facts. 

And we stated a new series today, Find Of The Week which features this Amazon thermal tee dupe for $20 that nearly every fashion blogger has been wearing and you can get it on Prime! Caitlin scooped it up in white and you can head to her stories to see how she wears it!


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Mamas Take Note, Everything You Need To Know This Week



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