My Favorite Nursing Bras

August 23, 2018

I get a lot of questions about nursing bras (most recently about strapless, which I don’t have a favorite of) and today I wanted to share my three favorite nursing bras, since it’s National Breastfeeding Month after all. I’ve tried a LOT of nursing bras, it’s one of the perks of being a mom blogger. I have a large chest when I’m not nursing, so it’s even bigger now and comfort is really key for me when looking for a bra.

I don’t like to wear any wire in my bras when I’m nursing and hands down my very favorite nursing bra is this super soft, breathable wire-free Rock Candy Bra from Cake Maternity. I wear it with practically everything in my wardrobe. It offers support and coverage, it’s 100% comfortable and I forget that I’m wearing it — which in my opinion is how all bras should feel.

For pregnancy and the early days of nursing when I slept in a nursing bra I loved this Belabumbum bamboo sleep bra, and I still wear it around the house. Plus the pink color is so pretty! It’s become my go-to baby shower gift!

And finally when I’m pumping with my Spectra I use this hands-free bra from Amazon that I think just about every mom on Instagram recommended to me!





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