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Modern Mom Tamara Taggart

When I think of real life Mama’s who encourage me to work hard and have it all, Tamara Taggart quickly comes to mind. A Mother of three, Wife, News Anchor, Journalist, Cancer Survivor, Downs Syndrome Advocate, Board Member, Hospital Campaign Chair & to top it off she even has her own blog where she shares her journey as a Modern Mom. Tamara is someone who is truly finding joyful perfection in the imperfections of life. She has allowed the twists and turns of life to propel her forward to educate and support others. We loved hearing an inside scoop of how she manages it all.  

You are one of the busiest, most accomplished mothers I know — I know it’s a loaded question, but how do you manage to balance it all? 

Oh wow, I sure don’t feel like I balance it all!  I remember before I had kids thinking it was possible to have it all and do it all…the reality for me is I can try but I’m always putting something else on hold – and that’s okay.  I haven’t lowered my expectations, I just prioritize on a daily basis.  Eventually it all gets done….if it doesn’t I just cross it off the list and forget about it.  I’m much more relaxed now.

What has your personal experience beating cancer taught you about motherhood? 

Cancer changed everything.  It created a lot of positive change for me, don’t get me wrong – I wish it never happened but it did and I prefer to look at the glass half full. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2012, my kids were young, Beckett was 4, Zoë was 3 and Poppy was 1.  It was terrifying and surreal, there wasn’t time for me to ask “why me” I felt like I had to just get through to the other side and deal with the emotions of it later.  It’s been over 4 years now, I’m healthy and happy – and I have a very clear understanding of what is important to me…my family is first, always.  Cancer took my passion for advocacy and fundraising to a whole new level, I love helping and using my voice to lend a hand to others in need.  I’m proud of what I have accomplished in the past 4 years, my husband and kids are my whole heart and I have helped raise 17-million dollars for BC Women’s Hospital and almost 10-million dollars for the BC Cancer Agency.  I feel like I have a new start, it’s so good.

How has motherhood changed your style? 

I choose comfort and ease now, maybe it’s because I have to dress up for work.  Is it bad that I come home from work and immediately get into my pyjamas.

What’s your ‘mom uniform’ — or what you wear when you’re spending a day with your kids?

I am always in black or navy Cohen pants from Aritzia and a Tippi sweater in black or navy from JCrew.  And Vans, always Vans.  I’m also always cold so I usually have a scarf on too, I have a serious scarf issue. Did I mention I wear black?  A lot. 

Favorite places to shop for kids or kids brands? 

I love searching for unique clothes and accessories online but I really love the local shops we have in Vancouver…there are so many creative people here…I couldn’t possibly name them all for fear of missing someone!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids? 

We’re kind of homebodies, we love hanging out at home with the doors open, music on and kids running around.  It makes me feel so happy. We just renovated our kitchen and family room, which is where we spend most of our time – someone’s always reading, crafting or cooking.  We also love heading into the forest or down to the beach for a walk, that’s one of the great things about Vancouver – there’s always somewhere beautiful to explore.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a new mom who wants to continue to grow professionally while still being a present mother to her kids? 

It’s unfortunate but many working moms feel guilty, I know I struggle with it.  It’s not easy to raise a family and have a career, it’s tiring and stressful.  There’s a lot of outside noise telling us how to be a perfect mom, wife, professional – all while raising well-dressed children in a clean home.  It’s ridiculous.  As much as I love Instagram  it can also be a dangerous place – scrolling through the perfect squares of staged photos in beautiful McMansions isn’t real life.  Comparing yourself to someone who only cares about getting more followers is not worth it.  My advice is to turn off the noise and listen to your heart, you know what’s best for you and your family.  When I walk through the door after work I belong to my family, I try my hardest to remember that – there are times when I can’t be home for bedtime or I miss a school performance but I don’t beat myself up about it.  I remind myself that I am setting a great example for my children, they know why I go to work – they also know I love them most.

How do you stay organized? 

My life’s goal is to be organized.  People always say I’m organized but I never feel that way, I’m in a constant state of purging and reorganizing stuff.  I’m also always looking for the perfect day-timer (although nothing seems better than my iPhone) and the perfect black bag.  My husband calls me a hoarder, I like to say I’m a ‘collector of memories’.  

What’s your beauty routine like? 

Everyday at 3pm I go to make-up and hair at work, it takes an hour.  I’m grateful for the amazing work they do, it’s quite magical but I wash it off the second I get home – and put my pyjamas on!

Mornings and weekends I wear as little make-up as possible.  Just moisturizer and sunscreen, mascara and lip balm. 

Each evening, I wash and moisturize my face…in the old days I would sleep with it on but TV make-up can ruin your pillowcase. And your skin. 

What are a few of your favorite things? 

Ketchup potato chips.  Instagram. A good book. Lip balm.

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Modern Motherhood with Tamara Taggart



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