We Are On Vacation!



Vacation Break

I haven’t had a proper vacation since last April when I was pregnant. We’ve taken a few trips but not a week long getaway. Today we are headed to the Napa Valley to visit our family and celebrate the life of my grandmother who passed away earlier this year (you can read my post for her here). It’s very much a bittersweet trip for us, as her home is my favorite place in the world and this may be the last time we are there. I’m so excited that Piper will be able to spend 12 days running through the vineyards and swimming in the same pool as I once did as a child, but it breaks my heart to think that she won’t remember it. 

I’ll be savoring up every moment of our time out West and will be taking a break from blogging, work and most social media too (though I’m sure I won’t stay off of Instagram for too long). I can’t wait to come back recharged, the past few weeks have me really burnt out and lacking a lot of sleep. I’m quite nervous about our flight with Piper, she’s so active right now that I know it’s going to be hard for her to sit still for 6 hours! Have a great weekend! 

Image by Anna Reynal 




We Are On Vacation!



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