My 20 Week Pregnancy Update



My dress is from the Nordstrom sale (currently sold out but hoping for a re-stock)

Today marks 20 weeks of my pregnancy! It feels hard to believe I’m halfway through but at the same time feels like it’s been so long already. Here’s a big update on how things are going and you can read a recap of my first trimester here.


Overall I’m feeling pretty good! Over the past few weeks my bump has really popped (right around week 17) and I’m starting to have a little back pain but I can’t really complain. My energy level is usually zapped by 3pm for the day so I’ve been trying to get all of my most important household + work tasks done in the morning when possible! We had our anatomy scan last week and I was so relieved to hear the news that everything looks great with our baby! I was a little nervous and anxious leading up to that appointment after having some light spotting two weeks ago (actually, I was pretty much a mess but reassured by my doctors several times everything seemed to be ok)! Seeing our little baby really has made everything seem REAL (as it did with Piper, too) and I went to bed the night after we had it thinking of ALL the things we need to do before December!

I started feeling the baby move two weeks ago and that has been very exciting, I mostly feel it in the evenings when I’m laying in bed, just like with Piper!


Sleep has been really tough as of two weeks ago. I’ve been tossing and turning all night and can’t seem to find a comfortable position. I’ve tried all my body pillows and am working on getting off electronics earlier and reading in bed instead. I’ve been using my Bump Nest pillow and some nights I just prefer to sleep with a king size pillow to offer support. I can say I’m so glad we have a king size bed this time around- so much more space for me to try and get comfortable!


I honestly haven’t really experienced any pregnancy cravings yet to speak of! Having a sweet treat after dinner has become routine (but I love sweets ALL the time) and I’ve occasionally craved a burger and fries (like I am right now). I have been cooking a lot of Asian food lately and haven’t been into cooking meat myself too much.

You can read all about the snacks I’ve been eating here.

The past few weeks I’ve really slipped off my healthy meal planning routine and am hoping to get back on track after our vacation.


Ugh – I’ve been so tired and it’s been so HOT here that I haven’t even been walking in our neighborhood. I’ve been feeling really guilty about it and am planning to get back into my morning walk routine starting ON vacation and also start doing pre-natal yoga and workout videos every other day at home, even if for only 20 minutes. I’ll be tracking my progress and I’m really trying to hold myself accountable to this and give my baby the healthiest pregnancy I can. No more excuses. I follow so many other pregnant women who are still working out on the daily and it makes me feel so lazy and sad that I can’t even get it together to take a walk around the block!!


I’ve gained 10lbs so far!


I’ve been wearing a ton of dresses lately but also recently picked up a few pairs of shorts that have been in rotation. I saw my friend Lynzy (who is also pregnant) wearing shorts from American Eagle AERIE brand and though I doubted I could still fit into anything in that store I stopped in on a recent trip to the mall. I found so many comfortable drawstring shorts that work with the bump! I got these in gray (they are SO soft) and these lightweight chambray shorts that lace up. I also picked up this dress which the sales girl and I were undecided on if it was a nightgown or dress but it’s so comfortable in stretchy that I’ve been wearing it a lot on vacation!

In terms of maternity clothing I’ve been wearing my Storq dress & jumpsuit  but otherwise everything else has been non-maternity.


My growing bump!

Feeling the baby move and kick.

Trouble sleeping.

I’ve been hungry more frequently throughout the day and am definietly snacking more!



Nothing for baby yet!

The shorts linked above.

Everything from the Nordstrom Sale (all non-maternity but I think will or does work with the bump).

New PJs from Target ( I got this nightgown which is so soft and comfortable and this tank + short set).

Pregnancy-safe bug spray that a friend recommended.

Unrelated to my pregnancy but I also got this hat & pair of sandals from J.Crew for our vacations.

And I’m about to order this maternity underwear because my regular stash isn’t cutting it anymore (didn’t have to do this with my 1st pregnancy)!


Piper’s continued to hug, kiss and love on my growing bump and talks about the baby in funny ways (told our nanny she ate it the other day). I made her a copy of the images from our ultrasound that she’s been carrying all around. We’ve been reading big sister books and trying to talk about how the baby is going to come OUT of my tummy and join our family soon!


Right now I’m feeling pretty nervous about having a healthy pregnancy the remaining 20wks, I’m not as much worried about the delivery at the moment. Ever since a spotting episode I’m pretty anxious it’s going to happen again and I’ve just been worrying about that non-stop and hoping/praying I can continue to have a healthy and safe full-term pregnancy!


We honestly haven’t done much! I did start my shopping list of all the items I want to have on hand by December. After our vacation I think we will start working on the nursery in mid-August. We have to close in this wall of the playroom and have hardwood floor installed and instal some type of organization in the tiny closet (there is nothing in there right now, not even a bar or shelf) and then just decorate :)


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Images by Anna Reynal




My 20 Week Pregnancy Update


  1. Jessica Hulse Dillon says:

    I had some spotting too, spent an evening in the ER which was super fun, and the ER tech told me they have seen a lot of women around 12-15 weeks with spotting this summer which is unusual. Hope yours continues to be nothing like mine is!

  2. Good luck with the second half of your pregnancy! Love reading the pregnancy updates. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy & baby! :)

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