My Baby Registry Must-Haves After Having 2 Babies



I’ve been working on this post for a while now and I’m excited to finally share the list of items I would put on my registry today if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, after two babies! I’m also excited to be kicking off a new motherhood series with a few other mom bloggers! We will be sharing a few posts a month with common themes and are kicking it off with all things registry. I love to see what other mamas put on their favorite lists and hope that you enjoy hopping over to see what Mandy of Momma Society, Arin of Happily Inspired and Lexie of Glitter Inc. have on their baby registries!

These are items I used over and over through infancy and some of the items we still use now. A few of them are splurges that I always suggest but it’s something you may not want to splurge on yourself, so let someone else :) I didn’t include the very basics such as carseat, stroller, travel crib etc. since those are so personal and I figure most people know to shop for them and will do their own research!

  1. Sound machine – An essential! We still use ours and bring it with us on every trip. I love this one which came recommended and it also has a projector that Piper really likes. It has a variety of different sound options which is nice, too.
  2. Swaddle Me Wrap – You’ll want to register for several different swaddle wraps (I think we tried them all) and I can’t recommend this one enough. We tried and tried again to use swaddle blankets but they just didn’t work for us — but the Swaddle Me did and saved us so many nights. It’s easy to figure out when you’re sleep deprived and snuggles your baby so tight.
  3. Fridababy Nail clippers + File– I find this nail clipper so easy to use and love that it comes with a curved file. The first few months I only filed my girl’s nails – I just couldn’t bring myself to clip them. Now I clip and file the sharp
  4. Burts Bees Cloth Diapers – Highly recommend having a few cloth diapers on hand – we use them for everything, washcloths, burp cloths, spills etc. and these are so much softer than some of the others we have.
  5. Aden & Anai Dream Blanket – I could probably count 100 baby blankets in our home, it seems like they are the go-to gift when you have a baby and I myself bought so many too. I registered for this splurge blanket and it’s my very favorite. It’s soooo silky soft and cozy. It’s the best!
  6. Triple Paste: We tried nearly every diaper rash cream with our second baby who has extremely sensitive skin in our first few weeks and Triple Paste was the only thing to do the trick and I wish we had some on hand, plus it’s expensive to put it on your registry!
  7. Baby Brezza Bottle Sanitizer– Boy I wish we had this 6 months sooner than we did! It makes cleaning bottles and pump parts a breeze (no pun in intended)!
  8. Dock-A-Tot-: We used this with our second, Flora and it was a lifesaver! We didn’t use it until she was about 3-4 weeks at night but it was great to have in our rotation of sleep devices :)
  9. Skip Hop Diaper Bag: I love having a backpack diaper bag, especially as my babies grow  .. it’s been so helpful to be able to be hands free!
  10. Stokke Highchair – We love our Stokke chair – the design is so sleek and it’s really easy to clean. It’s definietly not an eye sore sitting out in our living space.
  11. Merlin Sleepsuit: This sleep suit is indeed magical, we would not have survived the 4 month sleep regression and it’s worth every penny!
  12. Lille Baby Carrier : I love this baby carrier! The Solly Wrap is my favorite for the newborn phase but this more structured carrier is so easy to use and your baby can be worn in several different positions, this was such a helpful tool when our daughter Flora had really bad eczema and we didn’t want her rubbing on us when we held her.
  13. Beaba Babycook– I’ve talked about this baby food maker so many times and suggest anyone who has the desire to make their own baby food put it on their registry!
  14. Breast Friend Nursing Pillow: A lot of people like the Boppy pillow but I find this one to be superior since you can adjust the height and placement on your back and strap it into place, it worked great for us!
  15. Video Monitor– An essential… we love this Infant Optics one and you can easily add a second camera if you have another baby which we did. I love that it doesn’t use your phone and is simple and straight forward to use.
  16. Ubbi Diaper Pail:  I love that this diaper pail doesn’t require a special bag and the design is so sleek!
  17. Sleepers with Hand Covers & Zippers: You’ll want at least 6 of these on hand when you come home with a newborn, they make diaper changes a breeze and keep your tiny baby from scratching her face. I love these from Amazon and these Target Cloud Island ones are also amazing (though size down since they do run a little big).
  18. Puj Tub– We tried out a lot of bathtubs and this was our favorite! It’s super lightweight and compact so we would even bring it with us on trips and just pack it on top of all our clothes in our suitcase.
  19. Avent Soothie Pacifier– Regardless of how you feel about pacifiers you should pick up a few to have on hand. I wasn’t going to use one until we decided it would help Piper more than hurt her and I’m so glad we did! These were the pacifiers we used most of the time, they worked really well for us. They are BPA free, one piece and what most hospitals use.
  20. Hakaa Breast Pump: This is so helpful for the first few weeks to catch milk from the side you aren’t nursing with!
  21. REMOVED Rock & Play RECALL

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My Baby Registry Must-Haves After Having 2 Babies


  1. Kelly says:

    Such awesome suggestions — and couldn’t be easier to add to my registry! I loved the Ubbi diaper pail so much with my first that I lugged one all the way over to our home in Paris (where it was crazy expensive to buy one). Definitely one of those things you think you don’t “need” … until it’s 3 am and you’re changing another messy diaper. The Puj tub was also amazing, and we’ll be trying out Solly Baby this time around (with a Solly Dolly wrap for my 2 year old)!

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