Our Front Door Makeover!



I’m so excited that our front door makeover is highlighted on the Home Depot blog this morning!!

This post has been 3 years in the making….well maybe not really, but I’ve loathed our front door since we bought our house and have been so eager to swap it out! We’ve been busy working on other areas of our house (like our hall bath, master bedroom & bath, downstairs office/playroom) and it’s been sitting on the back burner. I never thought I’d care so much about a door, but it’s the first impression of our home and I knew that it wouldn’t take more than a few days effort to drastically transform the entrance of our house.

I teamed up with The Home Depot – our go-to spot for every home project we’ve done thus far to bring my vision to life!

Let’s start with the really scary before photos! We have big plans for the front of the house – so it’s definietly a work in progress but this is what she looked like a few weeks ago:

An outdated red stained glass door that didn’t do any favors for making our house feel updated at all. The porch deck looked like it had never been finished and was green and covered in dirt from years of wear. It was just a sad sight! No matter how many pumpkins or wreaths I put up nothing could disguise it.

And here’s what she looks like now!

SO. MUCH. BETTER. It’s really a breath of fresh air! We first invested in power washer at Home Depot and then got to town cleaning the porch. Austin did this over the course of two days. After a few delays because of rain I used Behr DeckOver  in ‘Pewter’ which is a really nice gray. It was easy to paint on but very very thick so it look a little longer. You have to apply one coat, wait 24 hours and then apply the 2nd coat and wait 72 hours until you walk on it.

We originally intended to replace the door ourselves but after a few issues we called up local handyman to help us since our opening was all out of whack (like everything else in this house)! I chose this classic craftsman style door that was pre-hung and ready to paint. I debated on painting the door a color and originally had wanted to do a pale gray with blue/green undertones but after seeing how the deck turned out I realized that white was such a great, fresh option that would go with all of my seasonal decor throughout the year.

We swapped the light and it took about 30 minutes – why didn’t we do this sooner I’ll never know….but the black pops and makes such a difference. I love the gold inside this one from Home Decorator’s Collection!

The handle may be my favorite part! It was worth every penny – I love how it finishes the door with a modern flair and keeps it from looking too ‘farmhouse’.

Now I’m excited to welcome trick o’ treaters next week and then  transform the space for Christmas! Thanks to Home Depot for partnering on this post!




Our Front Door Makeover!



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