My Birthday Wish List



My birthday is in a few weeks and instead of doing my normal 10 Things I’m Loving Right Now post I thought I would share a few of my birthday wishes!

One: J.Crew Puffy Sleeve Sweater after waiting months and realizing this sweater is always going to be excluded from sales, I finally splurged and got it for myself as a birthday gift the other day. I hope it fits!

Two: I decided earlier this year that I really only want investment jewelry as gifts. I have so much stuff but not a lot of nice jewelry that I can wear every day and I really want to build my collection. I love love love every piece from Mejuri but espeically this sweet little pinky ring and the croissant bracelet (to always remind myself to WORK HARD & BE KIND so I end up back in Paris one day :) )

Three: Hill House Home NightgownI’ve been wanting one of the Hill House nightgowns since they launched, they are so beautiful and I only sleep in nighties so it would be the perfect addition to my collection!

Four: For the past few years I’ve been treating myself to a new handbag at the end of the year – since I work for myself I never get any kind of ‘bonus’ or anything like that. It’s kind of silly but I never splurge and it’s something I really look forward do. I didn’t get a bag last year, and probably won’t actually get one this year with our kitchen renovation but I love this J.Crew one and also have my eye on a few from Tory Burch and Sezane!

Five: Everyone and their mother has this cardigan but it just looks so cozy for fall!

Six: Rose Sleep Mask: I have a ton of masks by only one for hydrating and with cooler weather hitting soon I know I’ll want extra hydration for my face. I’ve heard good things about this mask!

Seven: I really want to add this velvet headband to my growing collection!

Eight: Diptyque Candle : Not making it to Paris this year, so a little French candle for my dresser would be nice :)

Nine: City Of Girls is next on my reading list!

Ten: Madewell Floral Top: I usually get a new Madewell blouse every fall. They are pricey but I find myself wearing them time and time again.




My Birthday Wish List


  1. Tara Noseck says:

    I love your lists Caitlin!

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