My Favorite Cookbooks & The Easy Dinners I’m Making This Week



I shared a peek at my meal planner I got for Christmas and had several requests to share my favorite cookbooks so today I’m doing just that along with sharing our meal plan for this week. It’s the first time I’ve planned meals since Flora was born. We still have quite a freezer stash but I’m really trying to start to lose my baby weight and am in dire need of a more healthy routine!

Here’s a few of my favorite cookbooks that I reach for time and time again.

Simply Nigella: I got this last year and love all of the comfort food recipes. Nigella is one of my favorite chefs and this is definietly a cookbook I use on the weekends.

Dinner A Love Story: I got this book right when it came out before I was a mother or even pregnant and I just love it. The author, Jenny is one of Joanna Goddard’s friends so she’s pretty much golden in my book and I love the stories that she tells along side of the recipes she shares.

It’s All Good & It’s All Easy: I love all of GP’s cookbooks but these two are great for healthy eating – I’ve made so many recipes from both and I really like the kid-friendly options she has included.

The Greenhouse Cookbook: This is newer addition to my collection but it has great smoothie & juice recipes and I also love the soups and salads. It’s great when you are trying to reset or do a detox.

Eating Purely: I didn’t expect to use this cookbook as much as I do – it was from a PR mailing and I just love so many of the recipes because they are healthy but also attainable and easy.

Smitten Kitchen Everyday: I love Smitten Kitchen and this cookbook is full of recipes that don’t take a ton of time or prep.

Here’s our menu for this week:

Monday: Cauliflower Rice (frozen from Trader Joe’s) + Tofu (pre-marinated from Trader Joe’s) thanks to my friend Christina for this dinner idea!
Tuesday: Broccoli + White Bean Soup 
Wednesday: Salmon with Pesto (I picked up Trader Joe’s new vegan pesto)+ Roasted Butternut Squash and Beets with Tahini Sauce
Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf + Mashed Sweet Potatoes + Broccoli
Friday: PIZZA Night (carry out or we’ll make our own) + Salad





My Favorite Cookbooks & The Easy Dinners I’m Making This Week


  1. Love easy meal ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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