Whats’s In My Bedside Table: Nursing Newborn Edition



As a follow up to yesterday’s post with our bedtime routine with Flora (at 4 weeks) I’m sharing everything I set up in our room before I go to bed every night. It may seem a little OCD but it makes me feel much better going into the night if everything is organized and I know right where it is and don’t have to wake up my husband or run into the other room searching for one thing or another. It makes a big difference in making my night go smoothly, as does wearing an easy nursing accessible outfit to bed.

Pacifiers: In case I’m desperate, I have a few pacifiers but they don’t seem to really work much for Flora. I’m using the Soothies + this natural rubber one.

Hand Cream: My hands are soooo dry and chapped from washing them so much in this winter weather. I keep this lotion out so I can apply it after I wash my hands and get back into bed.

Lanolin: I don’t use this on my nipples anymore but instead now use it on my lips!

Reusable Breast pads: I keep my disposable breast pads in our bathroom but I keep my pouch with reusable ones on my nightstand because I always put them in my sleep bra before I pass out since I’m still leaking quite a bit and I’ll also use them on the opposite side that I’m nursing from too.

Kindle: Austin gave me a Kindle for Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with Piper to use when I was nursing and I’ve been using it again with Flora – it’s so great to be able to read a book with one hand and I keep the lights out in our room after we go to bed around 11/12am so its a nice way to read a book instead of be on my phone in the dark.

Burp Cloths: Always have at least two burp cloths on my night sand or nearby so I don’t have to search for one at night. We use these by Burt’s Bees because they are so soft and absorbent.

Boppy + Extra Pillow: I use an extra pillow for support on my back when I nurse in bed and the boppy pillow for Flora to lay on. I keep both close by!

Water: Not pictured but I almost always have a glass of water since I’m constantly thirsty and trying to drink a ton of water to help with my production!

Baby Journals: I have all of my baby journals on my night stand to remind myself to write in them! I’m using this baby book + this toddler book.





Whats’s In My Bedside Table: Nursing Newborn Edition



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