My Top Infant Essentials



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The months have changed to days in the countdown to meet our second daughter, I’m feeling a mix of emotions, mostly excitement and anxiety as one can expect! I’m feeling pretty well prepared and credit that to slowly working away at crossing things off on my big list of things to do the past few months. There are a few infant essentials that I’ve stocked up on that I’m excited to share today — we’ll see if this list changes any after our girl is born!

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Dock-A-Tot: So excited to try this out! We didn’t have one with Piper and all I hear about is how amazing they are for naps and being able to bring your baby from room to room with ease.

Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths: I had 3 of these burp cloths with Piper and they were my favorite — so soft and absorbent. I recently ordered another 5 pack to have on hand.

Mustela Newborn Essentials: After much trial and error with Piper we’ve decided to stock our nursery full of only Mustela products for our newborn this time around. I found the body wash and shampoo to be so gentle for her sensitive skin, and also swore by the no rinse cleansing water for messy diapers, spit ups and between baths — it was a lifesaver especially in the middle of the night when giving her a bath wasn’t an option. As she grows and we figure out what kind of skin she has we’ll be able to use the right Mustela products for her (we use the Very Sensitive Skin line on Piper) but to start we’ll use the essentials since they are so gentle.

Numpfer Swaddle Blanket: I have a whole basket of swaddle blankets but the Numpfer ones are by far my favorite. They are so extremely soft and because of this they allow you to really get a nice, tight swaddle on your baby. We eventually used only swaddle wraps with Piper but the first few weeks these blankets were so helpful in getting her to sleep. I have one packed for the hospital!

Avent Soothie Pacifier: I was on the fence about giving Piper a pacifier before she was born and most of me wanted to avoid it at all costs. But as soon as we realized how soothed she was by sucking we gave it a try and it really helped us get through the first few months. It was never something we relied on too, too heavily and she was done with her pacifiers before she was 1 but we would have never made it without our ‘pippies’. We tried several brands but the Avent Soothies are what really did the trick in the early months. We tried to only use it for sleep, or if I was out with her alone and needed a “back-up” for meltdowns and this method worked really well and I think why we were so easily able to take it away before Piper turned one without any issues.

Long-sleeve Footed Zip-Up Sleepers: This will be our girl’s uniform the first few months. They are warm, cozy, and make diaper changes easy. I wish we had more with Piper so I’ve really tried to stock up on a variety of sizes this time!

Rock & Play: Number one life saver when it came to Piper’s infancy, so much so that we have two.

Pampers Swaddlers: There’s a reason our hospital uses these. I tried other brands but always went back to the Pampers Swaddlers, they just work the best for tiny babies.

SwaddleMe Swaddle: We have just about every swaddle washed and ready to go — but the SwaddleMe ended up working best for Piper most of the time. It got nice and snug and she couldn’t get her arms out. Every baby is different so we’ll be trying them all out again!

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My Top Infant Essentials



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