What’s In My Hospital Bag For Baby #2!



My hospital bags are OFFICIALLY packed and I feel so relieved! I’m so paranoid about this bebe girl coming early, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get everything in order.  I really trimmed down what I’m taking this time — not nearly as much postpartum stuff (i.e. practically nothing since the hospital had everything I needed) and not as much for labor either. I’m doing the 3 bag packing philosophy again, much to my husband’s dismay. The first bag will be our labor bag that we bring with us when we check in, it also has my blanket in it. The second bag (baby + postpartum) my husband will go get after we’ve had the baby and are settled into our room along with his bag and our pillows. I thought this worked really well last time and kept things organized and easy to find and was less stuff to transfer to our room after delivery!

And here you have it — everything in my hospital bag. I’ll be walking through everything on my Instagrm stories later today, be sure to check in!

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For Mama

For Labor: 
-Small pouch with: Chapstick, hair ties, bobby pins, travel size Garnier face wipes
Water Bottle (with a straw)
-Old loose nightgown: I didn’t mind laboring in the hospital gown last time but the truth is they aren’t very soft, to start I’ll hopefully be able to wear an old nightshirt.
-Non-skid Slipper Socks: I’m opting for these over slippers this time.
-Essential oil labor blend
-Kindle, iPad, Camera + Chargers

Comforts from home:
-Throw blanket

For postpartum:
-Nursing nightgowns:  To sleep in I purchased this black sleep shirt from Target that’s super soft and can easily unbutton for nursing. I also packed my Belabumbum nursing nightgown (I have it in navy), both are dark colors since the postpartum period can be messy.
-2 pairs of maternity leggings: I didn’t want anything tight around my waist after giving birth so I packed my most comfortable and stretchy Storq maternity leggings and an older pair of fold over maternity yoga pants that I wore in the hospital with Piper.
-2 nursing tank tops: I got these new nursing tanks from H&M and I’m eager to try them out.
Nursing Henley: Most likely to wear home but I figured it would be a nice alternative to a tank + cardigan if I get hot post delivery!
-Cardigan sweaters: To wear over the tank tops. I have this one noted to add.
-Large briefs: Most likely I’ll wear the mesh underwear in the hospital and on the way home but packed my own undies in case. I also brought these because they are so comfortable.
-Seeping nursing bra: In case I want it I packed my favorite soft sleeping bra.
-Bathrobe: I’m packing my fluffy robe at the last minute.
-Flip flops for the shower
-Toiletries: I’m sticking to just the very basics: travel size shampoo + conditioner, face wash + moisturizer and deodorant. I also put in a blush/bronzer duo, mascara and tinted moisturizer in case I feel like pulling myself together for visitors (unlikely)!
-Favorite snacks: I haven’t added these yet but will be putting in peanut butter filled pretzels, a few cans of La Croix, granola bars and apples.
-I may add a going home outfit but most likely I’ll just wear the leggings, nursing tank, cardigan. I found this outfit ideal for wearing once I felt like getting dressed since it was appropriate for visitors but extremely comfortable and soft for the baby.

For Baby:

-2 sets of footed PJs:  I packed this white one and the L’ovedbaby one Piper wore on her way home :)
Mittens, booties, hat
-Swaddle blanket (Can’t wait to use my soft Milkbarn Swaddle)
-Receiving blanket
-Nipple balm

For Partner: 

-Change of clothes
-Snacks + water bottle
-Pillow + blanket

Images by Lauren Swann




What’s In My Hospital Bag For Baby #2!



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