October Busy Box Ideas



Since launching Magic Playbook last month one of the most frequent questions I have received is if I’ll still be sharing activity box ideas. My goal is to share them once a month still with seasonal and monthly themes. Many of these ideas use printable sheets from Magic Playbook – and you also get tons more ideas to keep your kids busy with our subscription!

Here are some ideas I have in our boxes for the month of October!

Fizzy Googly Eye Ice

You know my girls love sensory ice play! I froze these ice cubes with some baking soda in each cube mold and then added googly eyes and some glitter. I gave the ice cubes to Piper with an eye dropper and vinegar for her to play with.

Clothes Pin & Pom Pom Pumpkin Stamping

For this fine motor skill activity all you need is pom poms (a cotton ball would work), clothes pins and paint. Have your child pick up the pom pom and then dip it in paint to make pumpkins. After your picture dries you can add leaves and stems.

Playdough Kit

This month I made our go-to playdough recipe with black food coloring and glitter. In our kit I put a bunch of sensory play items and included playdough mats from Magic Playbook. This is the laminator I use! This is my sparkly box :)

Pumpkin Bath

Set up your sensory bin or a large tupperware bin with soap, water and a sponge and let your kiddos get to work scrubbing those pumpkins. I’m going to make a batch of bubble foam to do this with outside!

Stamp Box

Stamping never gets old around here, I picked up these Halloween stamps in the dollar section at Target. I made little pattern strips for the girls to mimic to make it a bit more interesting!

Pen Control Practice

I printed off this scissor sheet from Magic Playbook and scaled it down and then laminated it. I will give it to Flora with a dry-erase marker to practice hand-eye coordination and pen control.

Spooky Sensory Bin

For our Halloween themed sensory bin I used black beans, googly eyes, wooden stars, pom poms and glass crafting gems. I added little ghosts from Magic Playbook to practice number recognition with the girls.

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October Busy Box Ideas



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