Our Bedroom Refresh



You’re not crazy, thinking didn’t she just do her bedroom? I am constantly “refreshing” this space and it’s getting closer and closer to how I want it to look. Its far from perfect but I teamed up with Sam’s Club and had the opportunity to get some new sheets and a bright white quilt & shams and I finally like how the bed looks. Now we just need a rug and new wooden nightstands + sconces and I’ll be in good shape! 

I spent a few nights really going through all of our spaces in the room: dresser, nightstand, closet & bathroom to purge and start fresh for the new year. I got rid of bags and bags of stuff I didn’t need or use any more. It was SO refreshing! 

Getting rid of the bench at the end of our bed not only freed up space in the room, but it doesn’t leave me a spot to just pile up junk. Seriously…. we could never really even SEE that bench ! Now it’s in our living room and I love looking at that pink velvet beauty :) 

Keeping the dresser clutter free is a challenge – and I have been trying to clean it off EVERY night before bed! 

I de-cluttered these shelves and organized all the stuff on them the best I could to make the functional but still somewhat styled! 

And I took about 3 hours to really tackle our closet one night. I took everything out and put away what I wasn’t using or donating – leaving just the things I actually do wear! I cleared off my shelves above – vowing to only ever have 2 stacks of clothes so I can see everything! 

You can get the links for all of our home stuff right HERE! 




Our Bedroom Refresh


  1. Jesse says:

    Looks great! Love the subtle colors! And I think your bedside tables and rug look great, but excited to see what you pick out!

  2. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I love the neutrals with just a little bit of pink! Does your hubby mind the pink? Mine doesn’t love it when I try to add it to our room- boo!
    xoxo, Jenna

  3. Dana says:

    I love the dresser , where did you get it?

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