Valentine’s Day Sensory Sticky Wall Activity For Babies

This week I made Flora a sticky ‘wall’ to play with – I used to do this for Piper and she really loved it! As with most sensory activities at this age (13 months) the attention span isn’t that long, so Flora will only play for a few minutes at a time but she’s really engaged when she does. I pull it out every other day and let her have fun with the different odds & ends we gathered from our craft cabinet: felt, heart punches, feathers and pom poms.

I taped up clear contact paper using duck tape (I like this pink color from Amazon Рthey  have a ton of other colors, but the regular blue painters tape works just fine).

Then I gathered objects in fun Valentine’s Day colors and let Flora have fun! She likes taking things off more than sticking them on. Her sister (age 3.5) also really had fun with this. I don’t keep it out all the time, but like I mentioned bring out the sensory bin every other day so it’s ‘fresh’. You can swap out the paper once it’s no longer sticky and the options are limitless for what you use to stick on!

Have fun!



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  1. This is such a cute idea! Love how you made it holiday appropriate! I have to save this idea for when my little one is old enough.
    xoxo, Jenna