Our Book Basket Week Of July 13th



As you’re probably aware we have a lot of kids books in our house. As a consultant with Usborne Books & More I earn boxes of free books all the time and it’s almost become overwhelming for the girls. A few weeks ago I started pulling out a basket of books to keep out on our coffee table to highlight different titles and keep the girls more engaged with reading. It’s really worked, especially for Flora who loves to look at books right now. I got a lot of questions about the books I showed in our basket so I thought I’d try to keep up a weekly post sharing what we are reading!

Here are the books I pulled out for this week, some are Usborne and some are from Amazon!

Jabari Jumps – This is a new one we got at the start of summer and the girls love it, it just makes me a little sad since we haven’t been to a pool yet this year.

Kindness Counts 123– The illustrations and message about acts of kindness in this counting book are great!

My Very First Seas & Oceans Book: We love this non-fiction series and have been having fun learning all about the ocean!

All About Feelings: I think we could use a little refreshing on our feelings and how to talk about them right about now!!

Lift The Flap Nature: My girls can not get enough of these interactive lift a flap books – they both love them equally (ages 2.5 and 5) and I love that they are learning while we read!

I Want To Dance: This is one of the new releases from Usborne and my ballerina loves this sweet and kind dance story.

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Our Book Basket Week Of July 13th



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