Piper’s 5th Unicorn Quarantine Birthday Celebration



It’s hard to believe that my first baby turned 5 a few days ago, it honestly feels like she was just born yesterday (read her birth story here)! We are still keeping ourselves pretty isolated since we have a 3 week old newborn at home an I’ve known for a few months now that Piper wouldn’t have a traditional birthday party this year. She’s been missing her friends and family so much that I really wanted to make her day special and one that she’d remember forever. She picked a unicorn theme and I did my best to make a magical day for her!

My 5 year old!!! Her dress is on sale for $17 !

The night before her birthday Austin and I stayed up late decorating. I feel so lucky to have talented friends and collaborated with my friend Heather of Olive & Eve to create this magical unicorn printable collection! So many beautiful designs you can print out at home and get creative with!

First up was this balloon arch ( here are a bunch of similar options). It wasn’t that hard to put together, the most tedious part was blowing up the balloons (do yourself a favor and get a great hand pump or an electric pump). I would say the entire process took us about an hour and half, definietly worth it for the statement it makes!

I made unicorn wands, set out party hats and star garlands. I also hung up our Happy Birthday sign you’ve probably seen before.

We also hung up this birthday sign in the yard!

We started off with decorating her bedroom door and setting up a present trail like we usually do. We had only 5 gifts in this trail (I just tie ribbon around each gift and the girls follow it to unwrap their presents) and I saved the rest for later. I let the girls watch tv while I whipped up a batch of pink and purple waffles topped with whip cream and cherries on top (Piper’s breakfast request). I used this vegan waffle recipe and this gel food coloring is very vibrant and works great.

Then every hour there was a magical present delivery on the front porch! My friend Stephanie came up with this amazing idea for her daughter’s birthday (executed much better!!!) and I knew I had to do it for Piper. It kept the magic of her birthday going all day long and she really loved it! Austin was working from the basement so he snuck out and would ring the doorbell and leave the gift.

During the day the girls played outside and we painted a cardboard birthday cake. For lunch I made MAGICAL UNICORN SPAGHETTI! It was a huge hit! I used the same gel food coloring and simply put about 10 drops in a baggie with 2tbs of water to dye the pasta! Just let it soak for a few minutes! We topped it with butter and cheese of course :)

For an afternoon snack I made raspberry lemonade floats by combining seltzer, raspberry lemonade an a scoop of ice cream. I also made star shaped watermelon ice cubes that we added (we also used these in water throughout the day and in our wine in the evening).

After nap time my sister and her husband rang the doorbell and surprised Piper with unicorn balloons and flowers and we headed to the backyard. About 30 minutes later my parents surprised Piper with a treasure hunt that led her to them hiding behind our cars and they brought pizza for dinner. It was the best ending to her day! We had wine (and juice boxes) and the girls ran around with the balloons.

I made a vegan boxed cake that Flora could eat by adding 1/4 cup of flour and 1/4 plain yogurt and otherwise following the directions on the box, just omitting the eggs. I printed out the unicorns from the printable set, taped them onto a skewer and added them to the top of the cake. These are the unicorn sprinkles I used!

And we ended the day by sharing a video with Piper of birthday wishes from friends and family that I had compiled for her. It was so special and I know it will be one that we watch over and over again as the years pass!

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Piper’s 5th Unicorn Quarantine Birthday Celebration



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