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My holiday gift guides are winding down – I still have a few more to share but I’m real excited about today’s because it works year round  I’ve compiled all of the books we love and love to gift! I even created a storefront on The Mama Notes Amazon shop where you can easily shop them all + more! Yes we earn a small commission on your purchases, but they don’t cost anymore for you. I have been slowly saving these for a while and I’m so excited to have them all in one place. My hope is all of these books aren’t as common for gifting, therefore it’s more likely you wont’ be giving a duplicate. 

My Heart Fills With Happiness: A sweet little board book, I got this at Piper’s book fair earlier in the year. 

Julian Is A Mermaid: My favorite book we purchased all year :)  A wonderful story of acceptance. 

Julia, Child: We’ve yet to add this to our collection but it’s been on my list for a while and we have got it from the library. 

Home – got this for my baby shower with Piper :)

Dim Sum For Everyone: I love to gift books that teach children about other cultures and I LOVE Dim Sum. 

William & The Missing Masterpiece: Another library favorite, we read this one so many times. 

Once Upon The Alphabet: Beautiful illustrations. 

Cookies: These new interactive cookbooks are so cool! 

Helen Oxenbury books are my favorite for babies, there are so many great ones to pick from. This set is a good choice! 

I Had A Favorite Dress – one of my favorites!! I LOVE to gift this book. I’m getting the sequel, I Had A Favorite Hat for Piper this year. 

Gaston & Antoinette are the best, who doesn’t love cute dogs in Paris? 

They All Saw A Cat – one of our favorites from the library. 

Hop on over to our Amazon storefront to see a ton more of our favorites! 

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Our Favorite Books To Gift



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