Our Favorite Outdoor Toddler Toys



We’ve accumulated quite a few outdoor toys in the past few months and today I thought I’d share our favorites that the girls are loving. Be sure to check out our summer activities post for fun ideas!

*This post has been updated to include favorites from The Mama Notes Community! 

Water Table

Piper’s water table is by far her most used outdoor toy. You can fill the plastic bins with anything from soapy water to sand. We are going to do mud and plastic animals+ cars on one side and soap and a sponge on the other this week! You can see how my dad made our DIY water table in this post. Amazon has some options if you’re not up for making your own!

Cozy Coupe

Piper got a Cozy Coupe for her 1st birthday and has really enjoyed it the past year, she pretty much plays in it every time we are in the yard. 50% of the time she’ll play independently with it, and half of the time she wants us to push her around. She also really likes to give her car a bath with the hose + sponge.


My parents have a swing similar to this at their house and we are getting one for Piper’s upcoming birthday, I know she’s going to be sooooo excited to have her very own swing in the backyard!

Lawn Mower

This lawn mower has been a huge hit. It has a spot for bubbles which are fun but most of the time Piper’s pushing it without and still loves it. She plays with it independently but also pushes behind Austin when he’s mowing the lawn and it’s so adorable. By far our best purchase recently – and her sister now LOVES this at age 16 months! 

Wheelbarrow + Garden Toys

We have been trying to work on the garden and this wheelbarrow really occupies Piper and lets her “help” us. She really wants a pair of gardening gloves like mine but I’ve been having a hard time finding any small enough for her tiny hands. She also has a small watering can I picked up at Target.

Soccer + Basket Ball

Austin was a soccer player and picked up a ball for Piper the other day and she’s had so much fun kicking it around with him! So many mamas also suggested this hoop.

Sprinkler + Baby Pool

Piper is still a little weary of the sprinkler but I know it’s going to be fun during the steamy summer days. We are also about to replace our baby pool this year with a hard plastic one.


We’ve had this slide for years and both girls love it – Flora just started being able to use it independently. 

Picnic Table

I ordered this adorable toddler size picnic table on Amazon – it was kind of a pain to put together but worth it! It looks so adorable in our yard and I know we’ll use it all summer long. It’s no longer available but this one is really cute + practical. 

Bubbles + Sidewalk Chalk

And you can’t beat the classics, sidewalk chalk and bubbles (these no spill bubbles are the best!!!) which are requested just about every day in our house.

Cooking Toys

Bring a few cooking toys outside or pick up a cheap set to leave outside for fun water and mud play! 

Stomp Rocket

A few moms suggested a stomp rocket and Piper had SO much fun playing with her cousin’s over Easter. We will definietly be getting one for her birthday in July! 


Images by Anna Reynal

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Our Favorite Outdoor Toddler Toys



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