Lifesaving Snack Boxes For Traveling With Toddlers



Snack boxes!! I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest for years, and last summer before our 12+ hour journey to Maine I bought one to fill for Piper but ultimately decided she was still a little young (just having turned 3). But on our 6 hour trip down South last week I knew Piper was ready for her snack box!

This girl LOVES her snacks – like most kids her age. But as soon as we are on the road and stuck in the car for more than an hour when she knows I have a stash of the good stuff up front with me she asks for one nearly every 10 minutes. It’s enough to drive a mama crazy….so I introduce you to the SNACK BOX! They have these boxes in the bead section of nearly any craft store, Walmart, Target and of course Amazon.

You can serve your kid snacks in this box however your little heart desires… but I’ll tell you what worked for us.

Piper is a a few months short of turning 4. She’s very responsible with her food and eating because of her sister’s food allergies and I trusted her with this snack box. When we got in the car I showed it to her – full of all her favorite treats, imagine the excitement! I told her we were going on a very long trip in the car and this was ALL she had to eat for snacks. She was in charge of eating them when she wanted, and if she spilled them they would be gone. At first I told her she could have 2 squares at a time but quickly gave up on that. She was so responsible with this! No spills. And she didn’t finish the box either way. It gave her a sense of ownership and let her make her own choices about when and what she ate. It was a big win for us and you better believe I am fitting this box in my airplane carry on when we go to California next month!

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Lifesaving Snack Boxes For Traveling With Toddlers



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