20 Activities For 1 Year Olds To Do In the Plane or Car

Last week’s Tip Tuesday post on Instagram was all about activities to entertain your kids for upcoming spring and summer travel in the car or airplane. While it seems the activities for kids 2 and up seem endless (hello, screen time) – it’s that 12-24 month phase that can be really challenging. Short attention spans, limited space and when you’re in the car and your child is in the back seat activities need to be independent! So – as usual The Mama Notes Community came up with a ton of great ideas for the little ones in your life! Here are 20+ ideas and activities to keep them entertained and having fun while on the go!

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SNACKS! Keep it interesting but mess-free (pouches, 


Stack of post-it notes


Melissa & Doug Magnetic Fun Sets

Kid headphones and pre-loaded shows on Kindle or iPad 

Fat BrainToys Suction Cups

Plastic bead organizer filled with tiny snacks (raisins, cereal etc.)

Window Clings

Reusable sticker books

Bring popsicle sticks from home, grab an empty coffee cup and let your kids play

Unwrap small (cheap) gifts one at a time – wrapping in a few layers of tissue paper makes the unwrapping part of the game (and take up time)! 

Have fun with painters tape or washi tape on the plane  

Magnadoodle (small size for travel) 

Double Doodle 

New books (hit up the library before your trip). Pop-up and flap books are popular with this age!

Pipe cleaners

Travel size magnetic board with magnets or magnatiles 

Indestructible books 

Pom-poms are endless entertainment 

Mess-free Crayola coloring 



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  1. Kelly says:

    I love this! I’m heading on my first solo plane ride with a very active 18 month old and an almost three year old so I’m going to snag some of these!