DIY Busy Bags For Toddlers

I made these cute little DIY busy bags for the girls before our spring & summer travel kicked off. I plan on rotating what’s inside them but always keeping them in our diaper bag or my purse when we are on-the-go. I’ve found the key with busy bags is to keep the items inside FRESH! You don’t necessarily need to make new purchases all the time, just rotate items from your stash!

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I found the bags at the Target dollar spot. I think they were $3 each, but have linked some similar options below.


Zip pouch (Options from Michael’s and Amazon)
Alphabet Stencils or stickers
Hot glue gun
Grossgrain Ribbon
Pom Poms


  1. Trace your letters on felt with a marker and cut out. I did double layers in contrasting colors but you could easily do just one!
  2. Figure out your placement on the bag and then hot glue it on.
  3. To make the zipper pull, cut a small piece of ribbon and thread it through the zipper pull opening. Hot glue it together to create a pull and then hot glue a pom-pom on.



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