Our Shared Girls Closet Update



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I’m so excited to finally share how I organized the girls closet with help from The Container Store at Westfield Annapolis !! Ever since the girls began sharing Piper’s tiny closet and moved into together a year ago the clothes, laundry, dresser & closet have been a disaster. I’ve put off organizing it for way too long and finally made it happen last week! 

Re-doing this closet is in the plans for the addition we are doing so I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when organizing the space, instead use what we already have in place. 

I started by taking everything out and figuring out what kind of categories I needed for baskets. It was very clear that we needed to have swimwear & leotards at a level the girls could easily access them and put them away. The sock and underwear drawer is constantly a wreck so we moved them into the closet as well as select baskets to use for keepsakes, jewelry boxes and other random items that were just piling up on the shelves. 

I ordered the Clybourn Cubby which is simple and streamlined and will work in various ways for our family throughout the years. For now, it fits perfectly in the closet! I love the farmhouse style baskets I picked to go inside- they are lightweight, affordable and hold a ton of stuff! I’m also using them in our mudroom area downstairs! They come in this pretty striped version and plain! 

I selected these rattan baskets with lids for the very top shelf to put keepsake memories the girls collect throughout the years.

Having a place for everything is key to being able to keep the closet tidy and organized! 

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Our Shared Girls Closet Update



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