Back To School Activity Box Ideas



Though we are still enjoying our summer (we haven’t even been on our vacation yet) I’m gearing up for the busy back to school season ahead! We just released the library & back to school themed Magic Playbook and it inspired me to pull together this blog post sharing some fun ideas for the upcoming season!

Glitter Shapes

See how to make them here!

Sticky Letter Match

We love this simple activity in our house! Write capital and lower case letters on post-it notes and have your child match them.

Book Scavenger Hunt

I’m so excited about this book scavenger hunt, you can make your own or use the Magic Playbook printable (click here to join & print)!

Color Sort

Grab a piece of colored paper or use our cute colored labels from Magic Playbook and have your little ones do a color sort. You can find items from the toy cabinet or use colored pom-poms for this!

Activity Box Ideas



Back To School Activity Box Ideas



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