Shaving Cream Letter Recognition Activity

March 23, 2020

One thing all of the educators in my life have told me in the past is that if I’m going to work at home with Piper (age 4) on anything educational I need to make it FUN. Learning through play works best for these youngsters so we’ve skipped the workbooks and I’ve tried to come up with other activities to do with her. I did find some great worksheets for letter formation we will be using this week but I’m also still mixing things up with games and sensory activities.

This shaving cream activity was suggested by my sister who is an early childhood educator with her masters degree and currently teaching kindergarten. I listen to everything she says!

There are a ton of different things you can do with this, but we kept it simple. I had our free alphabet printable out, let Piper pick a letter and then we practiced the correct formation. I did it first, and then let her try. She was very engaged and loved this one! Here are some tips.

+Use a thin layer of shaving cream, you don’t need a ton
+I used food coloring since we were doing it on a white surface so it was easier to see the letters
+Have a rag to wipe your finger clean between each use, it makes forming the letter easier
+At the end spray on a bunch of shaving cream and let your child PLAY!



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