Dinosaur Playdough Eggs

This is a really simple way to make playdough play more fun for your kids! I’ve learned that giving my girls an activity or open-ended prompt to do with playdough drastically increases their time playing with it, and allows them to use their imagination and flex those thinking skills!!

For this I simply hid plastic dinosaurs inside playdough and created an egg shape, for fun I rolled them in glitter which they loved. This is my favorite easy playdough recipe!

I also set out props to create a habitat with: dried chickpeas, gems, fake leaves. Again, this was a really simple activity using stuff I already had in my craft closet!



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  1. […] Playdough: There are so many open-ended play opportunities to do with playdough. I am currently loving these playdough dinosaur eggs. […]


    Hi- love these! What food color do you use?

  3. Naomi says:


    Where are your pretty plastic pastel Dinos from?

  4. […] Hide animal toys in play dough that’s rounded to create an egg shape. Roll the play dough eggs in glitter for an extra sparkle! Children will enjoy “digging” out the dino toys/letting the dino babies hatch. Once the kids get the hang of it, they can hide the dinos in the eggs for one another, guess which animals are in which egg, and more. Sensory play at its finest! Details at The Mama Notes. […]