Snack Ideas For Toddlers With Food Allergies

May 15, 2019

As a new food allergy mom cooking and preparing food has been one of the hardest parts of our food allergy journey so far. We haven’t yet started the real hard parts…. you know eating out, dealing with birthday cake at parties, childcare etc. But for now, I struggle daily with finding the time and energy to prepare all of Flora’s foods. Luckily I have a solid snack rotation down and today I’m going to share it all with you! For a recap on our experience with food allergies so far check out this post.

Flora is allergic to eggs, all nuts and dairy. Right now she can tolerate baked milk (muffins I make and goldfish crackers). As always – please consult with YOUR doctor about what is safe for your food allergy child, as every child is different! These are the foods that work for my daughter and her allergies.

Here’s a list of the snacks we always have on hand:

Pouches! I don’t know when I’ll ever give them up, she has one every day and more when we are out and on the go because they are so easy and she loves them. I try to get pouches with protein and fiber so there is some nutritional value.

Bars: There are several different nut-free bars that Flora loves. Usually I find them in the baby food aisle. We love the Happy Tot brand Fiber & Protein bars in both flavors as well as Nibbly Fingers and Earth’s Best Oaty Fruit bars. They are all basically the same thing but I just stock up on whatever is on sale.

Pea Crisps: Flora loves these Earth’s Best Pea Crisps – we also get the the Trader Joe’s brand vegetable straws which are allergy safe!

Cereal: Flora also loves Cheerios or puffs in her snack cup. We also like the Multi-Grain O’s from Trader Joe’s but they are more sweet/sticky.

Fresh fruit: Flora eats fruit with every snack and meal. She loves apples, blueberries, strawberries and mango! We haven’t tried grapes yet. She just started dipping her apples in sun butter!

Avocado: We go through 4-5 avocados a week! Flora loves it on bread but I usually save that for lunch and just chop it up for a snack.

Yogurt: I like to mix soy and coconut yogurt for maximum nutritional benefits – and if I can get my hands on plain I like to mix it with applesauce and cinnamon. Otherwise we just rotate through a variety of flavors.

Abe’s Muffins: Big fan favorite with both my girls. They are more of a treat because of the sugar but they make for a great snack. We like all the flavors we’ve tried!

Cheese Alternative: We love Whole Food’s brand shredded cheese alternative and Violife ‘s is AMAZING too!!!



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  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful and delicious ideas!!