St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Mat Printable



I must have been living under a rock because I had never heard of or seen playdough mats until a late night Pinterest session a few weeks ago. What a simple concept you can do SO much with!! I knew I wanted to make one for my girls to get creative with…..and rainbows and shamrocks seemed like a good place to start!

For this invitation to playDOUGH I set out beads, sparkly vase filler balls, golden coins, rhinestones and pipe cleaners. This is our favorite playdough recipe (though I tested a new one seen here, and was disappointed with the results, kind of dry!)

Click here to download your free printables – I just use contact paper so we can re-use them!

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St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Mat Printable


  1. […] for activity ideas. I really like her homemade play-doh recipe, and Charlie has been a fan of these play-doh mats (we took Caitlin’s advice and “laminated” them with contact paper to make them […]

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