The 2019 Best Back To School Gear



Ahhh BACK TO SCHOOL ! We still have a few weeks left, and after taking some time off for vacation I feel very behind the ball on this post – but alas here’s a big round up of back to school faves!

Here’s what my girls are using this year:

Snack Bento Box by YumBox: Since Flora’s only going to be at school for the mornings she just needs a snack so I’ll be packing this one!

Bentgo Slim: Last year I got this box to use when we didn’t have anything too liquidy in Piper’s lunch. It’s a fraction of the price of the big one but doesn’t promise to be leak proof. I find the larger one just SO big it takes up the entire lunchbox and is heavy. This worked really well and we didn’t have too many issues but if I gave her a dip or anything that could get messy I would send the other!

Bento Box Set: I ordered these to try this year – they are more affordable than the Bentgo (but similar to the ones we used last year above) , only $27 for both and both parts are dishwasher safe.

Contigo Water Bottle: My girls are testing these, not sure what the verdict will be but we are tired of leaky water bottles!

Ice Packs: We like these thin ice packs that slide into the top of your lunchbox.

Silicone Baking Cups: I use these in the large bento box container if I need an extra space! Also great for dips at home.

Parkland Lunchboxes & Backpack: We used these last year and likely are using again!

Urban Infant Nap Mat: While the patterns leave a little to be desired these hold up great with weekly washings – Piper used the same one for 2 years and I’m finally going to replace it!

Minted Name Labels + Notebooks: Love all the beautiful patterns and they work on fridge, freezer & clothing!

Parkland Backpacks: We are using these again – waiting for our order to arrive!!! We loved them last year and I love that they are made from recycled water bottles.

And then I crowd sourced some other products and did some searching on Amazon to come up with these!

The top bento boxes said by tons of you: Bentgo, Planetbox, Lunchbots, Yum Box, Omibox.

….and moving onto water bottles! Top suggestions were Hydro Flask, Thermos, Camelbak and Contigo.

Yeti is coming out with a kids water bottle that we pre-ordered. We have tried all of the above with the exception of Hydro Flask! Thermos is what we’ve been using up until I discovered mold in the top straw part yesterday!

And the other top suggested standard lunchbox was Pottery Barn Kids – and many (most) of the bento boxes fit in.

Heart Cups to make breakfast more cheery :)

Insulated Thermos: For days when you want to send in something warm!

Stasher Bags: Our favorite baggie alternative!

Pottery Barn backpacks & lunchboxes still seem to be a fan favorite.

Name Bubbles: These work great for labeling clothing too! C

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The 2019 Best Back To School Gear



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