20+ Busy Bag Ideas For Active Toddlers – My EBOOK is here!

Ahh! I’m so excited to share the news that the ebook I wrote with my sister is now available for purchase!! We’ve compiled over 20 busy bag activities you can do with your toddlers when you’re out and about. I know that most moms are busy. You want to come up with fun activities to entertain your kid when you’re out to dinner, waiting at the doctor or nursing your newborn but you don’t want to resort to screen time (all the time). This ebook makes it possible!! I teamed up with my sister who is an early childhood educator and always has the most creative ideas for little ones. Each activity has developmental notes and adaptations so you can feel good about the fun your toddler is having, too!

We are launching the ebook with a special price of $15 (normally $20)

“This is an amazing resource for moms who want to get out with their kids, but dread the inevitable public meltdowns & backseat battles. I don’t have much spare time or craft skills, but I felt like every project was totally doable. Can’t wait to make my way through the list! Thank you!” – Meg

I’ve been talking about it for months, working away and I am so excited with how it turned out. Lauren Swann took the beautiful photos for the ebook and Davey & Krista’s team did the design. You can click over to our shop page HERE!

As I’ve been thinking about the evolution of this site and my social media channels I’ve known for a while that I wanted to start dipping my toes into product development and starting with a digital ebook seemed like the perfect first step. I wanted to come up with a resource that would help BUSY moms like me get creative with their kids. I wanted to put all of my ideas in one easy place to reference so you can download the PDF and create the activities and not have to go back searching through Instagram posts or old blog posts. I hope you find this helpful.

“I can already see how this book is going to be a life-saver for me. My three-year old is SO BUSY and needs extra attention now that her baby sister is here. Having these bags ready to use during the baby’s feedings, fussy periods, etc. will give her something to do that’s special and just for her. And they may even help keep my mom guilt at bay!” ;) Emily

We also included a resource list and all of the supplies are just a click away! Every project comes with a supply list, photos, developmental benefits, suggested age and adaptations to the projects. The book has activities appropriate for 12 months and up!



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  1. Heidi says:

    Congrats Caitlyn this is such a great idea! Can not wait to check it out :)