The Best Paper Towel + Plastic Baggie Alternatives



I’ve been wanting to make some changes to our lifestyle for a while now and when we recently ran out of paper towels (happens far too frequently) and plastic ziplock baggies I decided to wait and see how long we could go without.

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Obviously we needed some alternatives – I use baggies all the time for Flora’s avocado amongst other things. I asked on Instagram for suggestions and you all had SO many great ones. I’m just upset with myself for waiting this long to make these changes but it was so positive to see SOOOO many of you already using alternatives to disposables in your home!

I purchased a few of these along with new glass food containers to test out & report back on. Keep in mind these products are pricey, but an investment 100% worth making.

For the past few months I’ve been keeping a dish towel right next to our paper towels so I make a conscious choice to use that instead of paper and it’s made a HUGE difference!

I also have drawers and drawers full of pretty cloth napkins that I brought out to use in every day life!

Here are the other suggestions from the community!

By far the most requested item was Stasher Bags

I was really excited to learn about this locally made option! Nina’s Flying Needle! So many pretty options!

Rezip Baggies – dishwasher safe and available on Amazon!

Wax bags from Trader Joe’s are a good option to replace baggies.

Maryleys Monsters Unpaper Towels were another item mentioned a lot! I love how kid friendly they are and they cling together as regular paper towels do!

There are a lot of paper towel alternatives on Amazon but these seem popular.

Hand towels from Ikea in a basket on the counter!

Envirogen Bags seem like a similar option to Stasher & Rezip!

Multiple people mentioned the flour sack towels from Walmart “they are cheap and ABSORBENT” !




The Best Paper Towel + Plastic Baggie Alternatives



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