Everything You Need To Know This Week 5/10



Mother’s Day weekend is upon us!!! What are you fine mamas up to? We are going out to pizza at a new to us spot I’ve been wanting to try for years (pizza is my favorite) tonight. Then I hope to actually put my phone away for the weekend, have some wine with Austin and watch a movie after a family game night with Piper! Saturday Piper has swim lessons and Austin works allllll day. And then Sunday it’s supposed to rain so I decided I’d like to spend my Mother’s Day morning getting breakfast at Ikea and working on ideas for our kitchen. Followed by naps + (reading and coffee for me) and dinner at my parents. I’m hoping someone cleans the house for me at some point in there too.

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the week….

If you don’t follow Dr.Sterling on Instagram please do. She’s so inspiring and I love her mission and purpose to support women. All of her blog posts are so helpful and educational and her recent Instagram post really struck a cord. If you tap the link in her bio you can print off a checklist of topics to discuss with your health care provider during your postpartum visit. But really… why do we have to wait 6 weeks?

And speaking of postpartum… what are your thoughts on Meghan Markle’s look? It’s what I expected their photos to look like and honestly I hope no one gives her a hard time for it. I don’t think anyone else is going to feel pressured to walk out of the hospital in heels anytime soon.

Why are the moms in SF so cool & stylish? Ugh.

Boxed brownie taste test … say no more! Maybe we need to fit in baking brownies this weekend, too.

17 Amazon finds you didn’t know you needed.

Fast, fun breakfast ideas for kids.

I’m trying to scale back on my shopping because I feel like my wardrobe has what I need right now but I ordered this dress last night for an upcoming trip to the lake with friends next month.

And in case you missed it around here…..

I started a new Instagram account dedicated to my personal style and fashion finds. It’s called @MamaGotDressedToday and if you’re into my style please give me a follow!

Earlier this week I asked for paper towel & plastic baggie alternatives and you guys DELIVERED!! SO many great ideas. I picked up a few at Target and can’t wait to test them out and I compiled all your insight in this post.

I also chatted ALLLL about Flora’s food allergies over on @TheMamaNotes Instagram and kicked off a weekly series on this topic. Here’s an intro blog post if you don’t know what I’m talking about!




Everything You Need To Know This Week 5/10



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