The Best Toddler Yoga!

Piper has been really into yoga for a few months now and I always get so many questions about it when I post on my Instagram StoriesĀ ! We connect our TV to the YouTube app and Piper loves doing Cosmic Kids Yoga. I’ll warn you it’s a little quirky, but each class has a different, fun, kid-related theme. Piper is seriously hooked. We do it about once a week, usually after our nanny leaves for the day in what is usually Piper’s “witching hour“.

A few tips….

Piper loves to use my yoga mat when she does yoga. I’m thinking of getting her a kid’s size yoga mat for her birthday. She loves to unroll it and sit on it.

Piper’s attention span with the yoga video lasts 10x longer if I do the video with her. She really tries hard to do all of the different moves if I’m doing them too!

I don’t let Piper watch the videos unless she’s actively participating and doing yoga along with them.


Sometimes BayBay joins us too :)



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