The Only Car Seat You’ll Ever Need & Why We Love It



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I know shopping for a car seat may not be the most thrilling item on your list of to-do’s but we all know it’s one of the most important safety choices we can make for our kids. We’ve used a variety of Chicco seats from infancy onwards and today I’m excited to partner with them to share more about the Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat that we’ve been using for Flora, who falls under Stage 3. The Fit4 is an all-in-one seat so you can use it with a newborn up until year 10! We just transitioned Flora from rear facing to forward facing with this seat. 

The Fit4 is one of the slimmest on the market. It will now be the only car seat Flora ever needs, providing the ultimate ride in comfort all the way through Booster Stage, and we can safely say we are done purchasing car seats!

I’m going to share a few things I personally really love about the Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

#1 It’s easy to install. Usually Austin handles car seat installation but since we had to get some car work done and I was stuck not knowing how to re-install our car seat into our loaner car, I made it a priority to learn how to properly install all of our car seats. I can say that with some of ours it’s not very straightforward or easy, but Chicco has put a lot of thought and care into making the Fit4 as easy to install as possible! What I love most is the QR code on the side of the car seat, so when you’re out at your car (or stranded at a car dealership with your kids) you can scan the code and watch videos and access the digital manual that shows you exactly how to install your seat! It also uses Chicco’s LATCH tightener system for easy installation, which uses a force-multiplying technology that applies 4x the force for a secure fit by pulling a single strap! 

#2 It’s easy to clean. I love how the Fit4 is designed with the  FitKit™! When you put your infant in the seat, you’ll notice that every layer of the  FitKit™ is labeled for each stage and has the weight limits on it so you remember when it’s time to change. Each layer is also kept clean, as you peel them away it’s like you get a whole new car seat each time! The Fit4 has removable & machine washable fabrics that really keep the seat clean over the years. 

Here’s how the car seat looks when it arrives with all the layers on:  

And below we’ve removed the top 2 fit kit layers to fit Flora in stage 3. 

#3 It works for life. Car seats are an investment and I love that, with the Fit4, you can purchase one that will last your child’s entire life. Chicco uses multiple evaluations to provide the best fit for each age. Chicco analyzed multiple child growth evaluation studies during the development to provide the very best fit for each stage.It’s the only all-in-one seat that offers recline in booster mode and has the maximum headrest height.  I also am really appreciative of how easy Chicco has made it to understand the changes you need to make for each different stage – from how the headrest easily changes to the digital manual that walks you through what you need to do to get your child safely set for the next level! 

Overall, I’d highly suggest this car seat if you’re looking for an all-in-one option that will last for your child, whether that be an infant or toddler since it’s great for so many ages! It’s reasonably priced, easy to clean and best of all easy to install! 

You can learn more about the Chicco Fit4 and purchase it here! 

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The Only Car Seat You’ll Ever Need & Why We Love It



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