The Prettiest Budget-Friendly Kitchen Accessories



As we get closer and closer to putting the final touches on our kitchen renovation I’ve been working on bringing everything to life with accessories. Yesterday I shared a big haul of kitchen accessories I have collected for our new space and realized I need to keep them all in one spot for future reference! Most are from Amazon or Target and all of them are very affordable! I can not WAIT to style my new kitchen shelves and counters!!

You can see more kitchen finds in my Amazon shop, here! *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, with no extra cost to you.

  1. Fluted Cereal Bowls: These are dupes of the Anthro bowls you’ve probably seen everywhere but a little larger and wider in shape. I like them because they are DIFFERENT looking, who wants to be like everyone else? Not me! Come in several colors and this brand has a lot of gems!
  2. Gray Ceramic Spoon Rest: I’m using this to put my hand soap & dish soap on, they fit perfectly!
  3. Black & White Oil & Vinegar Bottles: LOVE these! Great quality.
  4. Wooden Utensil Holder: Another Christmas gift I got, I love the warmth it adds to our stove area!
  5. Gray Canister with Wooden Lid: These come in a bunch of sizes, we use this one for dishwasher pods to be kept up out of reach from the girls but concealed!
  6. White Pantry Labels: Wish I knew that you could snag these on Amazon earlier! I love this simple white font and you get 135 different words for $15!! They look so similar to the expensive vinyl labels I have in other rooms of my home for so much less money!
  7. Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly WHEAT Bowls: Very excited about these lightweight, kid-friendly bowls that look like high end ceramics!! Come in several colors!
  8. Cream & Sugar Jars: These are the cutest!!! $6 each and will look so pretty on my shelves.
  9. Black & Gray Dish Towels: I got these for Christmas and love the design.
  10. Clear Pantry Lazy Susan: Again, wondering why I haven’t had these in my life sooner! They come in a variety of sizes to fit in your cabinets and pantry!
  11. Gray Ceramic Utensil Holder: This is on sale for $10, I’m most likely using it as a vase in the kitchen.
  12. Acacia Wood Paddle Cutting Board: You can never have too many of these, and they are so pretty to display but also use for serving cheese plates etc. This one is a great size for under $20!
  13. Dish Brush: Love this little brush for the sink.
  14. Re-fillable Soap Container: An amazing dupe for the infamous $50 Aesop hand soap that is in every kitchen photoshoot. These are plastic (not glass) and come in a 2 pack, with a funnel so you can re-fill them.
  15. Striped Hand Towels: These are such a nice, thick quality!




The Prettiest Budget-Friendly Kitchen Accessories


  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to see how you style everything!

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